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Organisational Capabilities

How well does your employer support leadership at all levels?

To enable effective leadership at all levels, employers must create a supportive environment where social service workers can use and develop their own leadership skills to the best of their ability. It is crucial that your employer values and supports the development of your leadership capabilities as well as those of managers and of the people who use your service, their families and carers. This includes encouraging and enabling initiative, creativity, measured risk-taking and professional autonomy.

The Continuous Learning Framework (CLF) sets out six organisational capabilities which provide employers with a springboard for building cultures which are supportive of developing leadership at all levels.

The six organisational capabilities are:

  • Creating a learning and performance culture
  • Planning for learning, development and improved practice
  • Promoting access to learning and development opportunities
  • Promoting access to feedback
  • Treating people with dignity and respect
  • Focusing on health and wellbeing.

In this section you will find more information about the CLF organisational capabilities and access to a tool which will help your employer to assess how well they are currently able to evidence these. This involves undertaking a staff survey to seek your views on how well you are being supported. This section also includes resources to help you develop an organisational culture that encourages leadership at all levels to create a positive impact on outcomes for people who use services.

Organisational Capabilities Resources


Plan Your Pathway

Everyone's leadership learning is different.  We've put together a selection of tools to help you assess where you are now and what you want to achieve on your leadership journey.

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Standards & Qualifications

There are a range of standards that people working in social services must meet in their job roles and some of these relate to leadership.

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