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Step into leadership

Step into Leadership

Whatever your role in social services, this website will help you find resources and information to develop your leadership skills. Scotland’s social services need effective leadership at all levels of the workforce, as well as citizen leadership from people who access support and their carers.

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workforce employess

Someone who provides social services directly, eg support worker, practitioner, social worker, policy officer, training officer.

service users

Someone who uses a social service or cares for someone who uses a service. Another term used is 'citizen leader'.


Someone who has a management or supervisory role, eg team leader, middle/senior manager, training/policy manager.

Leadership in Practice

Leadership in practice

Click here to view a range of examples of good leadership practice across a wide range of social services in Scotland.

Leading in a crisis

A new leadership resource to support people in social services reflect on and develop their own, and others’, leadership capability, in particular during the COVID-19 period

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Step into leadership
23 leadership activities to support your development in early learning and childcare services
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Step into leadership
23 activities to support your leadership development in social and health services.
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