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Collaborating and influencing - how we work together

Partners not getting along in a cartoon


There are many ways you can make people with authority and organisations listen and do what you want them to. For example by:

  • building relationships with people who can be part of your support network
  • asking questions about why things are done the way they are
  • making suggestions of how they could be done better
  • learning to say clearly what you want
  • being involved in staff training and development.

Watch and read other people’s stories here:

Find other resources to support you:

  • Inclusion Scotland a consortium of disability organisations working to get rid of barriers to inclusion.
  • Glasgow Homelessness Network an organisation working to empower homeless people.
  • PAMIS works with people with profound and multiple disabilities and their families and has a range of techniques and tools to help people take control of their lives.
  • Phoenix Futures provides services to enable people with drug and alcohol problems to rebuild their lives.
  • Scottish Accessible Information Forum has a guide to user-led reviews, which encourages people who have a disability to make demands upon service providers and to get involved in creating improvements to services.

What Others Say

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