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Capabilities Positive plans for the way ahead Finding different ways of thinking and doing Recognising, exercising and improving your own leadership Leading in partnership and taking others with you Supporting others to be the best they can be Enabling people to develop and use their leadership capacity Guidance on how the organisational capabilities of the Continuous Learning Framework and other resources can support the development of a leadership learning culture

we are all leaders imageWelcome to the leadership learning pathway for people who use social services in Scotland and others who support them such as carers.

This pathway will help you find learning resources such as:

  • training modules
  • activities
  • reading materials
  • videos and sound clips.

These resources will help you to develop your leadership skills.

What does leadership mean for me?

Developing your leadership skills will help you in lots of ways. These could include:

  • being actively involved in decisions about your own life
  • encouraging others to speak up about their support needs and become an active partner in their own care
  • getting involved in staff training
  • asking questions about the way things are done and making suggestions about how they could be done better
  • getting involved in groups to influence local and national policy or helping others to have the confidence to do this.

You may have heard people talking about Citizen Leadership. Citizen Leadership is about a change of relationship between people who use services and people who provide them. In this new relationship people as citizens take on shared responsibility for making sure services meet their needs.

Find out how to make Citizen Leadership happen by reading the Principles and Standards of Citizen Leadership.

Ideas for getting started

  • Thinking about leadership
    You might want to think about how you want or need to develop as a leader. We have included some tools to help you plan your pathway.
  • Explore leadership capabilities and learning resources
    You will find six leadership capabilities in the box above. Leadership capabilities describe the different things that make up good leadership. Click on a leadership capability above to access learning resources and find information about how to develop your skills in that area.

Citizen leadership is about people having more control and choice over their lives and the services which support them.

This is Holly’s story about the difference citizen leadership training is making to people in Moray.

Plan Your Pathway

Everyone's leadership learning is different.  We've put together a selection of tools to help you assess where you are now and what you want to achieve on your leadership journey.

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Leadership in Practice

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