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Motivating and inspiring – the way you inspire others

Cartoon of group holding an arrow that says born leaders


The way you live your life and the way you speak can inspire others. If other people want to learn from you or copy something you have done, it means you have been a role model for them.

You can encourage others to show leadership themselves. They could do this by:

  • speaking up about their own support needs
  • making more decisions about their support
  • getting involved in things like recruiting or training staff
  • getting involved in groups that influence services.

Learn how good you are at inspiring or motivating other people by:

  • thinking about how you act in different situations
  • asking people who know you well.

Watch and read other people’s stories here:

Find other resources to support you:

What Others Say

Alexander Warren shares his experience of life-changing ‘Big Plans’ and inspiring others.
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