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Self leadership – taking more decisions and helping make things happen


You can show leadership by:

  • taking more decisions about your life
  • helping make things happen
  • getting involved in groups that make things happen.

Self-leadership means:

  • thinking about the leadership skills you have
  • what kind of leader you are.

Watch and read other people’s stories here:

Find other resources to support you:

  • Project Lift is a new approach to recruit, retain, develop and manage talent within Health and Social Care in Scotland to ensure all leaders can be the very best and most able they can be.
  • Autism UK gives information about working with people with autism and includes a clear description of different person-centred planning tools. These tools help individuals develop and express the vision they have of their own future and give them a say in how that future can be achieved.
  • Key Housing looking at Key community supports and how they support individual needs, preferences and aspirations.
  • A guide to the Self-directed Support (Scotland) Act 2013: An easy read version An easy read guide to Self-directed Support. It informs people of what the Act is and what it could mean for them and/or their families.
  • Spending money on different things to make your life easier A booklet that talks about how you can use self-directed support, suggesting things you can spend your money on to make life easier.
  • Scottish Human Rights Commission promotes and protects human rights for everyone in Scotland.
  • My life, My care, My questions: questions to ask about health and care services. A guide about ways to check whether health and care services are meeting people’s needs and whether services listen to people when decisions are made.The guide will also give information about questions to ask and how people can have a say about the way the services are delivered.

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