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Corporate & Strategic Leaders

Welcome to the leadership learning pathway for corporate and strategic leaders in Scotland's social services.

Working at a senior level, others will look to you for leadership and direction. Continually improving and developing your own leadership skills and capability is necessary to meet the demands of leadership within an ever more complex environment.

Contributing to the strategic direction of your organisation, you have a responsibility to ensure that the organisation’s vision promotes a strong value base, and that the organisation as a whole strives to deliver better outcomes.

Getting started

You might want to think about how you want or need to develop as a leader. We’ve provided some tools to help you plan your pathway .

Find resources

You will find six leadership capabilities in the box below. The leadership capabilities describe the different elements that make up effective leadership in social services. Click on a leadership capability to access learning resources.

Explore the organisational capabilities to find out more about developing an organisational culture that supports leadership at all levels.



Plan Your Pathway

Everyone's leadership learning is different.  We've put together a selection of tools to help you assess where you are now and what you want to achieve on your leadership journey.

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Standards & Qualifications

There are a range of standards that people working in social services must meet in their job roles and some of these relate to leadership.

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360degree tool

Leadership for Integration programme

A programme of leadership learning offered by NES, the RCGP in Scotland and the SSSC. Read more about ‘You as a collaborative leader’ and ‘Collaborative leadership in practice.'

Middle Manager Leadership Learning Framework

We have developed a framework to support middle managers with their leadership learning.

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Chief Social Work Officer Qualification

Scotland’s most senior social workers will be able to embark upon a new postgraduate qualification for Chief Social Work Officers.

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