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Collaborating & Influencing

Using your leadership skills to collaborate with and influence others can be an effective way of improving outcomes. As a front line worker your leadership will often be seen in how you work in partnership with people who use your service, as well as colleagues from your own organisation and other agencies or sectors.

Influencing the thinking, practice and decision making of others may involve:

  • Building positive working relationships and networks based on transparency and integrity
  • Identifying and working towards a shared purpose or goals
  • Understanding how diverse views can lead to creative solutions for better outcomes
  • Using evidence, information and research to influence others, including those who have authority over you.

Collaborating & Influencing Resources


  • Robert Robertson: early years practitioner
    This story was recorded live at a Scottish Social Services Council leadership event in September 2017. Robert Robertson, an early years practitioner at Springvale Early Years Centre talks about his leadership capabilities and his experience of collaborating and influencing in his work. He speaks about influencing others through ‘risky’ outdoor play at the service and about empowering children as ‘little leaders of learning'.

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  • Mary-anne Gemmell: childminder
    This story was recorded live at a Scottish Social Services Council leadership event in September 2017. Mary-anne Gemmell talks about how she is a leader within her service. She goes on to highlight how she works alongside other professionals to ensure she provides the best service she can for the children in her care.

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Examples from Practice

What Others Say

Supporting improvement leaders in Scotland’s social services

"I think we are going to have to work together, going forward in the current climate. It’s going to have to be about collaboration. And it’s going to be about setting old suspicions aside and working together going forward."

University of Stirling et al. (2010) Leading Together, Dundee, SSSC

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