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Leadership exchange programme

The Leadership Exchange programme pairs leaders at middle, senior and executive levels in brief exchanges to learn from each other across sectors. This provides an insight into different cultures, constraints and opportunities, offering a different perspective on your leadership role, the opportunity to make new connections and a chance to develop your leadership skill capacity.

“The Leadership Exchange programme provides an ideal platform for sharing ideas, experience and knowledge.”

“Seeing things from a different perspective was more than just a momentary insight, it helped me leave my bubble and look around me.”

Over the last 11 years, ACOSVO have matched over 800 leaders across public, private and third sectors, including representatives from; Scottish Government, Local Authorities, NHS, Emergency Services, Financial Services, Universities and Colleges, Local and National Charities.  Covering sector areas such as; environment, health, arts and culture, technology, sports and recreation, community support, transport and hospitality continuing to see more individuals engage in the programme every year.  Programme benefits identified through ongoing evaluation include:

  • insight into a different world – sector, culture, language and environment
  • seen challenges other leaders experience
  • fresh perspective on own leadership role
  • peer support and sharing best practice
  • developed own leadership skills
  • built relationships and connections in a new area
  • collaborative partnership working.

For more information, visit ACOSVO website where you can find application deadline dates, previous participant blogs, frequently asked questions and the online application form to take part.

Leadership Capability Indicators
Continuous Learning Framework (CLF)
learning log
360degree tool