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As a corporate or strategic leader you have a clear leadership role in relation to your organisation and, where appropriate, the community. Your leadership will have an impact on the vision and ethos of the organisation, on its managers and staff and on the quality of the experience of people who use the service.

Being aware of your own leadership style, strengths and areas for development is a good starting point in developing self-leadership.

Self-leadership includes:

  • aiming to continuously improve your own leadership capability, through critical reflection and feedback from a range of sources
  • uusing research and evidence to assess, manage and evaluate the risks taken on behalf of the organisation to achieve better outcomes for individuals, families and the community.

Self-leadership Resources

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Learning from the Chief Social Work Officer qualification

"Objective 1: Support strategic leaders and managers in Scotland’s social services to develop and improve their leadership capability so they lead dynamic and responsive services that meet the needs of people using them."

(Enhancing Leadership Capability, 2016, p3)

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