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Plan Your Pathway

Everyone’s leadership learning is different. We’ve put together a selection of tools to help you assess where you are now, and what you want to achieve on your leadership journey.

Step 1: My leadership now

Use the following resources to build a picture of your current leadership strengths and areas for development.

Step 2: Leadership capability feedback tool for managers

  • Welcome to the Leadership for Integration 360 tool, designed to help health and social care professionals, including managers in social services, reflect on their leadership capabilities, and identify strengths and areas for development.

    This 360 assessment is a process in which you rate your own performance as a leader, and ask people who know you well in a work capacity to rate your performance too. Guidance on how to use the tool is given throughout.

    Access the tool to create an account and begin your self-assessment. Click on the feedback button to invite others who know you in a work capacity to give feedback on your performance.

Step 3: What do I want to achieve?

Step 4: Planning my leadership learning pathway

  • Leadership Capability WorkbookOnce you have gathered feedback through the Leadership Capability Feedback Tool, use this workbook to help you reflect on your results, and plan you priorities for development on Step into Leadership.

General leadership resources

There are a range of general leadership resources which help you to plan your pathway.

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Standards & Qualifications

There are a range of standards that people working in social services must meet in their job roles and some of these relate to leadership.

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